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Undefeated by Choice: Miyo Strong, Jiu-Jitsu Pro

Matt Oyler host of the Undefeated by Choice Podcast interviews Team Be Non Human athlete Miyo Strong (Utah) in Episode 6. This episode is jam packed with tips, personal stories and amazing insights into the world and thoughts of a professional Jiu-Jitsu fighter. Continue reading Undefeated by Choice: Miyo Strong, Jiu-Jitsu Pro


By Katelin J. Wright, President of Be Non Human

Playa Vista, CA. – 99% of women HATE their bodies. We’re too fat, too thin, too dark, under-eye circles, wrinkles, fat ankles, funky toes, weird nose, bad teeth, ect., ect., ect…

We live in a society that has created an extremely deceitful illusion of what “PERFECTION/TRUE BEAUTY” is. According to society, in order to “be someone” you have to be “Beautiful”. Meaning, unless you have long blonde hair, mesmerizing violet blue eyes, double D firm breasts, a 32’ waistline, 36’ hips, voluptuously pouty lips, a small upturned nose, & a flawless sun-kissed complexion you’re neither “perfect” nor “beautiful”. This extremely skewed illusion has created an inferno of self-hatred.

In my opinion, TRUE BEAUTY is defined by what lies in the depths of one’s heart. Moreover, beauty is the essence of YOU. You are an original, a one and only, a creation of God. There is absolutely no one else in the world like you. When you focus on being your truest & most authentic self, there is absolutely NO competition.

Maria Sharapova Wows Press at Automobility LA

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By Rudi Lopez, M.A., Editor-in-Chief | rudi.benhtv@gmail.com

Los Angeles, CA. – The Porsche car exhibit area was extremely crowded with international press and trade personnel, cramming and moving their way through the crowds to get a good position and view of the press conference that was to take place. Anticipation filled the air in Petree Hall. At the center of the hall stood an automobile underneath a white cover and behind a media wall that featured a promotional video. The hall was so full, that hundreds of journalist were turned away.

Continue reading Maria Sharapova Wows Press at Automobility LA

An Athlete You Need to Know – Meet Miyo Strong

Article published November 5, 2015 by Chelsea Kilpack on her website: SLC Feminist. Permission granted to republish on BENH.TV .  Author Chelsea Kilpack


Sometimes you meet a person who you are so blown away by that they make you nervous. The nerves aren’t any fault of the person’s, it’s just that their existence and accomplishments leave you in awe, which makes you a bit anxious. It’s a good feeling though-a physiological sign that you’ve found someone to hold onto. These people make you want to do better. To be better.  Continue reading An Athlete You Need to Know – Meet Miyo Strong