Start Small to Stand Tall

Gyasi Zardes

By Carlos Hernandez, Sports Writer

As the saying goes it is not about how you start, it is about how you finish. The first step you take can lead you into the right path towards success and victory. Gyasi Zardes who plays for the 5 time MLS Cup Champions the LA Galaxy, saw himself starting off small towards being a key player to being a starter where he would score an impressive amount of goals in 2014 as a starter. Continue reading Start Small to Stand Tall

Going, Going, Gone



By Carlos Hernandez, Sports Writer

The 21st season of Major League Soccer is two months away from kick off and roster changes are being done by all MLS teams. In particular the LA Galaxy are sealing the deal with several newcomers but also relinquishing key players who contributed in a fine matter towards winning three MLS Cup titles from 2011-2012 and 2014. Continue reading Going, Going, Gone

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