A Tiger’s Heart Wrapped In A Woman’s Hide

By Katelin J. Wright, President of Be Non Human

Playa Vista, CA. – Every once in a great while someone and/or something crosses your path & impacts your life inadvertently. This week I had the pleasure of stumbling upon Jenica’s beautiful & courageous triumph. I was so moved by her raw transparency that I couldn’t help but send her a private message via FB requesting her permission to share her story. Thankfully, she was beyond gracious & allowed me (a perfect stranger) the honor of highlighting her story in this weeks blog.  {“I’ve debated all day about posting this (A photo of her bare tummy) on my business page because it’s so raw & personal. After an amazing & wonderful response from my friends, I’m going to share on here. Normally, I only post beautiful photos & everyone looks their absolute best. All of the profile pictures I post of myself I look my very best. So, it’s scary for me to share & I hope I don’t lose any of my fans. So, here goes nothing….

Warning: This is ugly under society’s standards. I do not mean to offend anyone.

My main reason for posting this is because for the last 11 years, I’ve been absolutely dreadfully ashamed of my body. I’ve birthed three beautiful children & will never have a hot bikini body. In fact, I practically wear a swim dress to cover everything up.

99% of women HATE their bodies. We’re too fat, too thin, too dark, under-eye circles, wrinkles, fat ankles, funky toes, weird nose, bad teeth, ect., ect., ect… I hear it all from clients on a daily basis, & I feel it all personally as well. I struggle with weight & self-esteem issues constantly. I photograph people for a living & there’s rarely a time when someone comes in front of my camera completely confident of who they are & what they look like. Typically those that do are men.

I know I will offend some people. I know I will get nasty comments. I just want to share with my friends & family that you are ALL absolutely gorgeous. Be proud of who you are & how you were made. These are my tiger stripes & I earned them.”} ~ Jenica

We live in a society that has created an extremely deceitful illusion of what “PERFECTION/TRUE BEAUTY” is.  According to society, in order to “be someone” you have to be “Beautiful”. Meaning, unless you have long blonde hair, mesmerizing violet blue eyes, double D firm breasts, a 32’ waistline, 36’ hips, voluptuously pouty lips, a small upturned nose, & a flawless sun-kissed complexion you’re neither “perfect” nor “beautiful”. This extremely skewed illusion has created an inferno of self-hatred.

The irony…. So many of us, myself included, have allowed this illusion to depict how we see ourselves & how we define “True Beauty”.

Yes, little Ms. Spit-Fire (Hint: Me) is the bi-product/direct result of a personal victory…In fact, if truth be told, I would have incontestably taken this season of my life to the grave if it wouldn’t have been for Jenica & her bravery to be transparent via a public forum & unintentionally stimulate myself to make a public breakthrough of my own.

{May the chain reaction of empowerment continue.}

But here it goes… Raw, real, & transparent… Fear no longer inhibits me from growing, evolving, & progressing…

For far too long I ALLOWED the unrealistic standards set by society to define me & my “true beauty”. I believed that in order for me to be seen & appreciated that I NEEDED the high end brands, an extensive line of beauty products, & the perfectly fit body. &, sadly, it wasn’t until I obtained all of the above that I realized I was terribly ill-advised… In fact, I wasn’t searching for a better, more socially accepted appearance.. I was searching to understand an internal battle I had been suppressing instead of facing. I was seeking to fill a void… The worst part: I knew what was causing that void & how to fix it & yet was too caught up in my own vanity to make a change…

As difficult as it is for me to share this weak & impressionable season of my life, I, NOW, realize that it was during this vulnerable season that God was able to refine my heart.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2nd Corinthians 12:9

It is because of that season that I am, NOW, capable of living a lifestyle that is judged solely on appearance (NPC Figure Competitions) without losing focus on what is truly most important & most beautiful; my inner beauty & my true identity.; both of which are found in my relationship with Christ.

In my opinion, TRUE BEAUTY is defined by what lies in the depths of one’s heart.  Moreover, beauty is the essence of YOU. You are an original, a one and only, a creation of God. There is absolutely no one else in the world like you. When you focus on being your truest & most authentic self, there is absolutely NO competition.

You are beautifully & fearfully made. You are unique & you are capable of greatness. Do not allow your fear to paralyze you, let it DRIVE YOU.

Thank you, again, Jenica for sharing your heart & for allowing me the honor of sharing your incredibly raw & incredible triumph.  Your courage to step out from behind your fear & insecurities is nothing less than BEAUTIFUL & CAPTIVATING.

Jenica – Photographer – Lemondrop Photography (I encourage you to check her out on Facebook!)

Autograph Your Life with Excellence!

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