Baja United Group – A Business with a Purpose!

“The Purpose of Life is a Life with Purpose.” – Robert Bryne

By Rudi Lopez, M.A. |

Costa Mesa, CA. – Live. Purposeful. That is the tagline for Baja United Group, the newly formed company by Jim Riley (President, Baja United Group) and Steve Jugan (CEO, Baja United Group). The two industry experts have over 60 years of combined experience in the beverage and spirits sector (Ketel One Vodka, Azunia Tequila, Monster Energy, Budweiser and Pabst Blue Ribbon) that they will help use to successfully navigate the direction of this new venture.
In addition to their shared knowledge of the beverage space, the two men also share a bond for the love of Baja Mexico and all the wonderful experiences it can provide. Aside from his recent role as Founder and CEO of Intersect Beverage/Azuñia Tequila, Riley is a professional off-road racing driver with numerous Baja 1000 races under his belt. Jugan has also spent over 20 years south of the border enjoying surf trips and off-road racing throughout the Baja peninsula. For the last several years both Riley and Jugan have been involved in various charitable efforts to help support orphanages as well as other Baja residents in need of resources. It was here that Jugan and Riley saw an opportunity to combine their experiences, connections and passions into one united effort. With that, the Baja United Group was enthusiastically created.

The initial strategy of the company will have a focus on importing wines from the Valle de Guadalupe region of Baja Mexico into the United States for retail and online sales. The group has developed a partnership with five top wineries from the region, which has been widely recognized as an emerging player in the wine industry and called “the next Napa” by the Los Angeles Times. Through the sales and distribution of various Valle de Guadalupe wines, Baja United Group will also promote the region through tours of the area wineries to enthusiastic members of the American wine community. Integral to this new venture is the founder of Corona de Valle wines, Hector Corona. His winery gained worldwide attention when their wine was included on the menu of the exclusive French Laundry restaurant in San Francisco.

To help with the strategic and creative approach for Baja United Group, the founder of Blue C Advertising, Eric Morley, will head up all marketing strategy and branding efforts. Eric played an important role in this company, as he was the one who initially introduced Jim and Steve many years ago through their common passion of off-road racing in Baja. Eric and his team have been involved with many similar philanthropic efforts in Mexico, and both his and Blue C’s involvement with this new company was a clear choice. With the upcoming launch of this exciting new company, Baja United Group aims to expand into more areas of expertise with the goal to: Live. Purposeful.

The team at Baja United Group is no stranger to the Baja Region. They have a genuine and authentic love for the Baja region and its vast beauty. United by the desire to work together for a greater purpose of giving back.  Collectively the group has helped many orphanages in the region by providing food, repairs, education and other personal advancement opportunities. Now that they have laid the foundation for their new venture Baja United Group, the goal is to expand their mission by helping additional orphanages throughout Baja.  According to the founders:

“It was always our personal goal to create a business in Baja California, Mexico. A business that would showcase our love for the region and simultaneously give back to the area.”

For more information about Baja United Group and their products:
Instagram: @bajaunitedgroup
Twitter: @BajaUnited

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