It All Starts with a Conversation

By Rudi Lopez, M.A. |

“Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.'” – Deuteronomy 15:11

Los Angeles, CA. – It all starts with a conversation. To understand what that means you have to know what drives the two brothers and Oh Cheeky co-founders brothers Daniel & Sean Ali-Akbar. Everything they do in life is driven by their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ and a foundation built on their non-denominational faith. For Daniel & Sean a life of SERVICE, helping others, giving back to their community and those less fortunate is a way of life. They are extremely humble, selfless and motivated to make a difference in this world. 

Two brothers grew up in the Los Angeles area playing soccer for youth clubs and became passionate soccer fans who follow their favorite global iconic soccer team F.C. Barcelona of Spain, watch soccer non stop from soccer leagues all over the world, the world cup and support the USA Men’s Soccer National Team and local Major League Soccer professional team the Los Angeles Galaxy. So it was only natural that eventually the two brothers would do something together that combined their two passions Football (European version of the meaning for Soccer) and Faith. What evolved from the seed planted in their hearts, was a desire to start their own sports apparel brand with a mission to “Serve Others Through Faith and Football.” The revelation from God was so clear that Sean who was beginning a career as a fireman for a city Fire Department, abruptly resigned from a career that is difficult to get into, so that he can be dedicated and committed to the vision for Oh Cheeky full-time with this brother Daniel.

Their mission and purpose became very clear, a slap on the face kind of clarity inspired by the following scripture:

“He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.” – Proverbs 14:31

According to their website which officially launched today, the following explains what “Oh Cheeky” means and their mission and vision for the brand.

Oh Cheeky – what does that mean? I’m sure you are all wondering the same thing, “Cheeky” is actually a word used throughout Europe to describe a footballer (soccer player) who does something extraordinary, unthinkable, and amazing. How that relates to us is what we do as an “Outreach Apparel Company”.

Started in 2015 as a fan apparel company, Oh Cheeky was quickly shut down realizing that our purpose for this company was something bigger. We realized that with this company, we would have the opportunity to serve people in need, not just physically but also spiritually.

With every purchase, we create a care package including everyday essentials and then put on our most comfortable shoes and hit the streets. From every bus stop to alleyway, Oh Cheeky is here to serve and lift up our teammates in need.

To visually see how Oh Cheeky practices and lives their mission, watch the full video in its entirety and visit their website to know further how you can get involved and purchase some of their quality apparel styles.

Follow Oh Cheeky on social media:
Twitter: @ohcheekyco
Instagram: @oh.cheeky

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