Dr. Peggy Chin joins BENH.TV


Los Angeles, CA. BENH.TV is excited to announce that Dr. Peggy Chin of San Diego has joined our media team as the Health, Wellness & Sports Writer.

“I”m really honored and excited to have Dr. Peggy Chin join our media team. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, shares the same passion for health and fitness, is an active fitness athlete and is committed to giving back to her community and inspire others. I have no doubt she will contribute amazing articles that will give value to our readers across the U.S. and internationally. ” – Rudi Lopez, M.A., Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Peggy Chin is a San Diego resident. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from UCLA. After spending eight years as an engineer, she realized that her true desire was to help others. Dr. Chin took a leap of faith and began a seven-year journey that earned her a Doctorate of Chiropractic (DC).

For three plus years as a student, she traveled throughout the U.S. and gave back to others through volunteer work. Sharing and teaching about health required her to live the same lifestyle. Her involvement in the healthcare industry rekindled her love and passion for many fitness activities that took a backseat. She has been playing basketball for over 30 years mostly injury-free and also participates in running, cycling, and triathlon events. This year she trained and completed the Oceanside Half Ironman Triathlon.

Dr. Chin is committed to giving back to her community, through volunteerism, and to inspire others that taking a leap of faith and believing in yourself can open a world of opportunity. During her free time, Dr. Chin enjoys spending time with her family and friends.  She is in the process of volunteering for RaceGuards™, a national organization that provides medical support services in running, cycling, triathlon and endurance events.

“My hope is to share with others what I’ve experienced in my past and what potential there is for the present and future.” – Dr. Peggy Chin

She is also the owner/chiropractor of Motive Health & Sports Chiropractic in San Diego, CA.
Website: http://www.motivehealthsd.com

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