The 2016 Movie Business book launch at Barnes & Noble

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By Rudi Lopez, Editor-in-Chief (

A variety of movie industry insiders came together Monday, September 12th  at the Barnes & Noble bookstore at The Grove in Los Angeles, for a panel discussion on the film industry, it’s current state, it’s changes and trends. The panel were also present for the launch of the 4th edition of The 2016 Movie Business Book by Jason E. Squire, M.A, Associate Professor of the Practice of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.

Mr. Jason E. Squire moderated the panel, which included Blair Rich, President Warner Bros. Pictures Worldwide Marketing, Kevin Goetz, Founder and CEO Screen Engine/ASI, Steve Montal, Film Festival Consultant, Ilan Haimoff, Partner Green Hasson Janks Accountants, Leader, Contract Compliance and Forensics Department, Eric B. Fleischman, Producer, Founder of Diablo Entertainment, Stephen M. Kravit, Executive Vice President Business Affairs The Gersh Agency, Barbara Boyle, Professor and Associate Dean, Entrepreneurship UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and others.

The panel provided insights on topics ranging from independent short films, new technology that is disrupting the industry, gender equality for women and opportunities for women in the film industry, diversity in films, business models, China as a player in the film industry, and opportunities for growth in International markets. Also discussed at length were the opportunities and challenges of doing business in China. Audience members were given the opportunity to ask the panel questions, which encompassed piracy and intellectual property, millennials viewing patterns, marketing and promotions, and increasing the number of consumers to movie theaters.

The audience was fortunate to have the opportunity to hear from Mr. Alan Horn, Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios. Mr. Horn discussed the Disney business model, the success of some of it’s recent films, and provided insightful information on the global entertainment industry, movie making, and trends in the industry. Unfortunately Mr. Horn had to leave the event due to a prior engagement, but before leaving offered his gratitude to Mr. Squire and the panel for a lively discussion on major issues facing the industry.

Each panelist was a subject matter expert in their own right, and provided depth of insight on the current state of the industry, challenges, and opportunities. The panel was very charismatic, funny at times and at times in agreement and at other times offered opposing viewpoints. Based on the success of the sold out event, and the panels depth of knowledge, the book “The 2016 Movie Business” should be very comprehensive in its presentation of quantitative and qualitative information, and full of exciting chapters that address all major areas of the film and entertainment industry for anyone who is interested in pursing a career or doing business with the industry.

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