Film Review: Beat Box (short Film By Andrew Dresher)


Beat Box is a great film that really inspires anybody who is having trouble finding themselves. Although it focuses on the life of a young man in the hip hop scene, anybody can relate to his story of learning how to fully live out his purpose.

 “Stop making music for what you think will make you money, and start creating music that touches the soul. “

Beat Box is set in the state of New York, Pete, a music producer, a boyfriend, who works a 9 to 5 job. Pete is struggling with trying to become known for his music, while trying to pay his bills and  balance a relationship with his girlfriend. Pete is trying to juggle too many things, and can’t make a full commitment to anything including his music. His boss at his job is his girlfriend’s father (complicated), and his girlfriend isn’t a big fan of supporting his dream of music. In fact she wishes he would just hang it up. A change takes place in Pete’s life, when his music happens to get into the hands of a seasoned former record executive. He immediately connects to Pete’s music, and catches Pete at a club that he is the DJ for on occasion. The former record executive has left mainstream music to fall in love with music again, and is a part of an underground Beat Box scene; where he manages a female beat boxer/vocalist. He sees Pete’s raw talent, and immediately challenges Pete to find his sound. Although Pete is very talented, he has found himself stuck putting mediocre talent on his beats to try and please the mainstream. The former record executive tries to help him find himself, and tells him to stop making music for what you think will make you money, and start creating music that touches the soul. Pete is invited to this beat box underground party where he is introduced to a music scene he has never experienced. Everything is so pure. No instruments to drown out vocals, just music in it’s purest and most vulnerable form, “The Voice”.

Every week there is a Beat Box competition, and the record exec enters Pete into the competition. Pete fails to make a connection with the crowd, and soon finds out that talent isn’t enough. It’s about the passion and dedication to the art that drives the crowd. Pete becomes very fond of the voice and style of the female beat boxer that the former record executive is managing, and soon finds himself inspired. He is attracted to her, she gives him what his girlfriend can’t, and that’s the passion for the music. She and Pete have one evening of a full connection. They go around the city hearing different sounds that inspire them to create music. She is liking Pete, and Pete is liking her. The only problem is only one of them is being completely honest. This evening is cut short when they go to his apartment to record some music, only to find his girlfriend sitting there. Pete is now struggling with liking this new girl, not wanting to be with his non supportive girlfriend,  finding his sound, and not being fired by his boss due to his relationship problems with his bosses daughter. Pete has to be honest if he is ever going to find his voice. Pete becomes honest with his girlfriend where they discover they were both trying to change each other. They mutually decide to end the relationship, but still remain friends. He is honest with his boss about his relationship coming to an end, as well as his passion for music. Once Pete starts to become fully honest in his life, things start coming together. He finds his voice in beat boxing, and becomes a crowd favorite. He is finally starting to get it. Pete ends up winning the beat box championship, and when he looks in the crowd, he sees his former girlfriend now friend, and his boss where he works supporting him. Pete is finally showing who he truly is. He has found Himself, and he has found his Voice.

This film shows how important it is to be honest with ourselves, honest with each other. Most of all it shows us how all of us have a voice that deserves to be heard. Instead of trying to change each other, we should be encouraging each other to be the best us that we can be.

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