Throwback: Showing Who Is Boss

By Carlos Hernandez, Sports Writer

The U.S Women’s National Soccer Team have played against opponents who have provided physical, and tactical challenges to them but a new rivalry has been established between them and another team.

That being Colombia who have played the U.S four times and with the illusion that they can shock the best team in Women’s soccer, yet luck has not been on their side as they have been defeated by the U.S. The first head to head match came in the second round of group play at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany, the U.S wasted no time in defeating a Colombian side that provided not much danger to them offensively. The U.S dictated possession but the goals took a while to be scored but were done so in one time volleys which not only gave them a three to zero victory but the right to advance to the quarterfinals and ending Colombia’s World Cup run.

The next encounter also came in the second round of group play but in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London and the U.S took it to Colombia in defeating them once again by the same score of three goals to zero and punching their ticket to the next round of the Olympics which was the Quarterfinal round. 2015 would be the next head to head encounter between the U.S and Colombia but on a different circumstance, for they faced off in the round of 16 knockout stage in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada. Before the do or die match up Colombian player Lady Andrade had a few words that sparked a view point on how the U.S viewed Colombia as a team that was easily beatable and not to be taken serious. The moment came for the U.S and Colombia to face off where the winner would advance to the quarterfinal round, and Colombia did have a sufficient control of the ball but were unsuccessful in capitalizing their chances which provided not much danger to Hope Solo and the U.S defense.

The U.S also had a tough time breaking through a well united Colombian defense causing them to get their two game winning goals in the second half. The deed was accomplished but Colombia did put up a fight in making the U.S seem vulnerable of having a flat performance in which the U.S overcame to win the match and advance to the quarterfinal match. Their recent match up came 24 hours ago in a friendly which served as a preparation match for the U.S as they aim to defend their gold medal triumph from four years ago in London in August in Rio de Janeiro. The final score proved who the better team has been throughout the past and present, for the U.S defeated Colombia seven goals to zero and outplayed Colombia in all aspects of the field. From defending as a team and collectively attacking from the left and right flanks and set pieces, this is all the U.S has to do in order to show Colombia who the better team has been based on performance and results, showing how the U.S is the boss of Colombia in Women’s soccer.

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