Start Small to Stand Tall

Gyasi Zardes

By Carlos Hernandez, Sports Writer

As the saying goes it is not about how you start, it is about how you finish. The first step you take can lead you into the right path towards success and victory. Gyasi Zardes who plays for the 5 time MLS Cup Champions the LA Galaxy, saw himself starting off small towards being a key player to being a starter where he would score an impressive amount of goals in 2014 as a starter. His moment of victory came when the LA Galaxy won their fifth MLS Cup title, all thanks to the goal he scored in the second half which served as the starting point for the LA Galaxy to be in the driver’s seat in winning the championship match. Beforehand Gyasi Zardes developed himself through training in becoming a player who can meet the standards of being able to play as a starter, as to contributing as a starter regardless if the game ended as a win, draw, or defeat. In the end as the games came by, he was then referred to more in making a positive impact to the LA Galaxy’s playing style which resulted in him scoring 4 goals in his MLS debut in the 2013 MLS season.

In 2014, Gyasi Zardes played through a break out season scoring 16 goals and becoming the highest scoring homegrown player to do so in a single season. A year later 2015, Gyasi Zardes was then called up for the first time to train and play with the U.S Men’s National Soccer Team. He made his debut in a U.S Soccer uniform against Chile where the U.S.A lost 3-2. Days later at the StubHub Center he then played as a starter for the U.S.A against Panama where he got an assist to Clint Dempsey resulting in a US Soccer 2-0 victory against Panama. That was just the beginning; months later he scored his first goal against the Netherlands where in the end the U.S.A shockingly defeated the Netherlands in their home stadium in Amsterdam by a score line of 4-3.

That opened the opportunity for him to get selected as a member of the 2015 Gold Cup squad where he delivered an assist once again to Clint Dempsey against Haiti where the U.S.A won 1-0. Later on in the quarter final match against Cuba, Gyasi Zardes scored for the U.S.A who went on to win that match 6-0. His next moment of glory came in a World Cup Qualifying match against St. Vincent and the Grenadines where he scored again helping the U.S.A to take the victory by a score of 5-1. With the LA Galaxy in 2015, he had a decent season, scoring five goals but his statistics evidently show that he had a good balance with both the LA Galaxy and the U.S Men’s Soccer Team, demonstrating how when you start small but train hard you can end up making it into the spotlight.

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